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Book review.

English teacher:

A: essential information:
1. name of author; Jerzy Kosinski
2. title: Being There
3. style: life history

B. contents:
1. Summarize your novel in about 15 lines
Chance Gardiner is a man who has spend his whole life watching TV. He is an orphan, And he knows nothing of his parents. he always had a passion for his garden. Later… 2 lawyers came to chance’s house, Mr Franklin and Ms Hayes. They came to check if there is an original owner of the house Chance lives in. The past owner died and gave the house to Chance, but there wasn’t a clue if there has been an heritage for Chance. The 2 people left the house. Later he got a call that he had to leave and if he didn’t he would be thrown out of the house. Chance decided to leave and search for a new home in New York. Once he’s there he immediately gets rammed by a car which happens to be the car of the presidents daughter. The woman in the car (EE) asks if Chance would prefer to be brought to a hospital. Chance reacts calmly and controlled and told her he would love to. In the car EE asks if he would like some Champagne in which Chance replied that he doesn’t drink. After driving to the hospital EE told Chance she would visit him some time, then she left. When EE decided to visit Chance she gave him a call. Later she arrived at the hospital.
At first she started about the accident but later she became curious about chance’s background. She asked if where he lives. Chance told that he has no home to go to so EE asked if he would like to stay at her house. Chance said: that would be fine. EE happens to be the daughter of the president (the president is in dying condition). EE introduced Chance to the president. The president seemed to have a lot of interest in chance because he is a very neutral optimistic person. Chance gets tangled in the busy life of the president and meets a lot of people. He even gets asked to perform in a talk-show. His intelligent look and strong manner of speech makes that a lot of people envy him. Governments try to get a clear image of him by searching his whole database. But unfortunately he never existed and there was no info on him. Chance later gets Chosen to be the new president because he is considered the perfect man for the job.

2. explain the title :

the title is a bit strange to me: Being There.
I don’t know what kind of meaning there could possibly be.
3. How does the novel end? Open/closed, good/bad?
This novel ended closed and good.
Chance gets to be the president and live happily ever after.
Though… its too bad I didn’t get to know more about Chance’s future.

C. characters:
1. Mention the main characters:
Chance: a man who has lived al of his life at home.
Innocent, optimistic, likes to watch tv, doesn’t appear to have al lot emotions.
2. Mention the other characters and describe them briefly
EE: she´s in love with Chance, concerned, friendly.

D. situation:

1. where is the story situated
New York

E. time:
1. When does the story take place?
This era.
The story takes place in the 18th century.

2. How much time does elapse between beginning and end?
A few months

3. Is it chronological or not- chronological?
This story is chronological.

4. are there any flashbacks
There are many flashbacks

F. additional information:

1. from whose point of view is the story told
In the point of the main characters.

2. what is, according to you, the intention of the author:
The author was good to write this book. Because of the time and illness

3. In what way has the author succeeded in making the novel interesting/ exciting?

He writes this book about something that’s important.
4. write a few lines expressing your opinion about this novel ;

This book was not as easy as I thought . And good as well.