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Lundy Island

Three miles by a half mile is this beautiful island. It is a small island about 10 miles off

the coast of North Devon. The green island is full beautiful nature and the perfect place the get away from the stress at home/work/school. But getting away from all that doesn’t mean you have to sit still the whole time. Lundy Island offers a lot of things to do. Things such as: walking, climbing, diving or just enjoying all the lovely birds (Puffins) and animals. On the island are also lots of things to see. There are three lighthouses
(two in use), a castle, church, shop, tavern, an active farm, several handsome houses and cottages. The buildings are mainly build out of the granite of the island self. But if you just want to enjoy the silence, Lundy Island is also the best place for you to go.


On Lundy Island there are several houses and buildings in which you can stay. All the buildings are owned by The Landmark Trust. For prices, bookings and availability please check their Website:

These are the buildings on the island, the ones you can rent:
The castle:
1. Castle Keep South (4 people)
2. Castle Keep East (2 people)
3. Castle Keep North (2 people)


Millcombe House (12 people)

The Old House:
1. The Old House South (5 people)
2. The Old House North (2 people)

The Old Light:
1. Old Light Trinity (4 people)
2. Old Light Venturer (5 people)

The Old School (2 people)

Old Light Cottage (1 person)

Stoneycroft (4 people)

Square Cottage (3 people)

The Radio Room (1 person)

Government House (5 people)

Big St Johns (3 people)

Little St Johns (2 people)

Bramble Villas:
1. Bramble Villas East (4 people)
2. Bramble Villas West (4 people)

The Barn (14 people)

The Quarters (5 people)

Admiralty Lookout (4 people)

Castle Cottage (2 people)

For the ones under us who’d rather sleep in their small tent, there is also a camping. The camping has hot and cold water, a toilet and a shower block.

And for the ones who’d like to sleep in a nice warm bed in a hotel: too bad. There is no hotel on the Island. But there are a number of hotels that are by the sea, so it is easy to go to Lundy Island for a day.

How to get there:

To get to this beautiful island there are only two options. One: a boat trip on Lundys own sailboat the ‘MS Oldenburg’. In the summer it is a lovely trip. The MS Oldenburg has on board a bar, buffet, shop and information centre. The boat can carry 267 passengers, so you are almost certain of a place on this ship.
Day Return: Adult £25

Child under 16 £12.50

Family ticket:(2 adults & 2 children) £60, each additional child £5

Period Return

Adult £40.00

Child under 16 £21

Children under 4 £4

The other option is going by helicopter. In the winter the MS Oldenburg doesn’t sail, so Lundy offers you a the possibility to go the island by helicopter. It only takes 7 minutes and the helicopter flies from Hartland Pont at midday on Mondays and Fridays from 7 November 2003 until 22 March 2004. A return ticket costs just £69 for adults and £39 for children.

The famous Puffin-stamps:

Lundy Island became famous because of the stamps it has. These are called Puffin Lundy Postage Stamps. They were developed 3 March 1887 when the Lundy Island Post Office was opened. The meaning of the word “Puffin” is in Norway “Lundy”. The island is the biggest breeding ground in Britain for Puffins.

The nature of Lundy Island:

Unfortunately there are only ten pairs of Puffins on this beautiful Island at the moment, and that’s a pity!
The nature of Lundy Island is very beautiful and the island is also one of the marine nature reserves of Great Britain. But there is more! Most of this little island is “A Designated Site of Special Scientific Interest”. Around the Island live more than fifty seals so it’s sure you will see them!
Lundy Island is about 52 million years old and that shows the beautiful flora on it.

There are lots of things to do in that beautiful nature on Lundy Island. These are some of the thing to do:
• Rocky Shore Rambles
• Lundy by Land and Sea
• Seabird Walks
• Snorkeling Safaris
On these trips you have the chance to learn everything about Lundy Island, come and see!!!