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A. Put these sentences in the PASSIVE
Mr Steele announced their engagement Pass. it was announced by …
I have fed the cat. Pass. it has been fed
She is playing a record. Pass. it is being played
This man teaches French. Pass. French is taught by him
I had to replace the engine. Pass. it had to be replaced
We are going to raise our glasses. Pass. they are going to be raised
While Mrs Harrison was pressing his suit, Pass. while it was being pressed by her, the paper was being read by A
Arthur was reading the paper. Pass.
Mary has done the typing for years. Pass. it has been done by M.
Can you wear that suit to work. Pass. can it be worn

B Put the verb in the right form:

On January. 16th the new library …(open)…by the mayor. a. will be opened
Since when …. Arthur … ( be ) … jealous of Bruce. b. has he been
Look! The car …( shine ) ….again. c. is shining
I …( wash ) …. it, I think. d. must have washed
… ( the books / put ) …. on the shelves yet ? e. have they been put
You can’t speak to her now, her hair … ( cut ) …. . f. is being cut
Bakers … ( not / sell ) …. meat. g. do not sell
How long …( this typewriter / use ) …. now ? h. has it been used
If you …( not / listen ) … to your parents, i. don’t listen
you … ( send ) …. to your room. j. will be sent
This bank …( never / raid )… yet . k. has never bee raided
Arthur …( know )… Mary for years, but l. has known
he …( fall )… in love with her a year ago. m. fell
In what year …( president Kennedy / murder ) …? n. was he murdered
Last week my bike … ( steal )…. and o. was stolen
it …( not / find ) … yet. p. hasn’t been found

C. Translate into English :
1. Hij is al vertrokken ; he has already gone
hij is een uur geleden vertrokken. he left an hour ago
2. Je hoeft de afwas niet te doen. you don’t have to do the washing up
We doen hem morgen. we’ll do it tomorrow
3. In een garage worden auto’s gerepareerd. cars are repaired in a garage
4. Het boek dat ze zat te lezen, was geschreven the book she was reading, had been written by C. D.
door Charles Dickens.
5. Morgen wordt hier een boom geplant. a tree will be planted here tomorrow
6. Ik kan mijn horloge nergens vinden. I can’t find my watch anywhere
7. De rode jurk werd ook niet verkocht. the red dress was not sold either
8. De Red Dragon is al jaren duurder dan for years the Red Dragon has been more expensive than the Sunny Snack bar, hasn’t it ?
de Sunny Snack bar, hè ?
9. Terwijl de soep gegeten werd, while the soup was being eaten, the telephone rang
ging de telefoon.
10. Ik heb gisteren naar school moeten lopen. I had to walk to school yesterday
Gewoonlijk word ik gebracht door mijn moeder. Usually I am taken by my mom
11. Is jouw uitlaat al gerepareerd ? has your exhaust already been repaired?
12. We zullen niet naar een toespraak van meneer we won’t have to listen to a speech by Mr Steele
Steele hoeven te luisteren.
13. Er werden weinig boterhammen gegeten, Few sandwiches were eaten because nobody was hungry
omdat niemand honger had.
14. Het spijt me verschrikkelijk, maar deze kamer I am sorry but this room has to be cleaned, so you will have to move to the kitchen
moet schoongemaakt worden, dus jullie
zullen naar de keuken moeten gaan.
15. ” Waarom huil je ?” ” Omdat mij net verteld Why are you crying?
is dat Arthur niet van me houdt. Because I have just been told that Arthur doesn’t love me.