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Some information of this author;
As recounted in Bo, Roald Dahl’s father, Harald Dahl, immigrated to England from Norway around the turn of the century (1900). Not long after the death of his first wife, he took a trip back to Norway in hopes of finding a wife to help him raise his young son and daughter. He married Sofie Magdalene Hesselberg in 1911 and the couple moved to Dahl’s home in Llandaff, Wales. Over the next six years they had five children: Astri, Alfhild, Roald, Else and Asta. Roald was born on September 13, 1916 in Llandaff. Unfortunately Astri, the eldest, died of appendicitis in 1920. Harald Dahl quickly deteriorated after his daughter’s death and he died of pneumonia a few months later. Sofie Dahl, pregnant at the time with Asta, was left with three of her own children, two step-children, a sizable estate, and her husband’s dying wish that his children would be educated in English schools, which he thought the best in the world.

Somewhere between the year 1910 and 1920.
The story takes bout 2 hours.
The story couldn’t be played in this year because Hitler is dead.

The hospital is the most important place of the story.
I don’t know where the story is played but I think in Germany.

It’s a life story.

The story is told by the writer.

The main character is the woman. She is about 32 years old and she is having a baby. She wants to get a child very much but her husband wont.
An other important character is the father.
The main character is having a change in her live because she is getting a child.

I think the theme of the story is genesis because they get a baby with the hope that it continues to live. The story is only written to enjoy the writer.

A woman, Klara cold, is having a baby somewhere Germany. Other babies she had had died and she was asking to a doctor if he or she is alright. The doctor said that the baby is alright, but she couldn’t believe it. The doctor tells her not to worry, because her child is perfectly normal. The woman said that this is exactly the same what other doctors said about her other children, but she had lost all three of them in the last eighteen months.
The doctor said her not to think like that. Klara asks him if this one is small. The doctor says her child is a little bit small, but that the small ones are often a lot tougher than the big ones. He asks Frau Hitler if she has already picked out a name for him, but she isn’t sure, she though about Adolfus, but if her husband would like to call him like this, that’s the question.
Some moments later she looks at her son and she sees her beautiful son. Some other moments later her husband is coming in the room, Herr Hitler, he asks how his son is doing. He walks to the bed and looked at his son and said: “but my God, Klara… This one is even smaller than Otto was!” The doctor said there is nothing to worry about, that he is going to be a good strong son. Klara is weeping, the doctor said to Herr Hitler to be good to her and pushes him into Klara’s direction. Some seconds later Klara begs: “He must live, Alois. He must, he must… Oh God, be merciful unto him now…”.

Personal opinion:
I like the part where I find out that the baby is Hitler, I had not expected.
Actually I like the whole story.
I give this story a 9 because it is a very good story.