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H: three, two, one, and we’re on air! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Phoebedebe-show! I’m Phoebe and these are the three candidates. Chris, Anna and James. We’ll let them introduce themselves.

R: My name is Chris. I’m from Liverpool. I’m 23 years old and I’m a barkeeper. I love football.

A: I’m Anna. I’m eighteen years old and I’m a student. My hobbies: ballet and classical music. I live in London.

Ah: I’m James. I’m a bank manager. I was born in Birmingham, but today I live in London. I’m 35 years old and I have no hobbies.

H: ok thank you for coming to the show. We’ll start with the first round. I’ll ask you 10 questions. The one who presses the button first may answer the question. For every good answer you’ll get two points. Got it?

R: but what will happen if I give a wrong answer?

H: than you won’t get any points. Ok?

A + Ah + R: Ok.

H: The first question is:

Hilde stelt 10 vragen:

1. Name three well-known English football clubs:
Rens goed:

2. In which year the Langham Hilton Hotel was built?
Anneloes fout:
Ahmet goed:

3. Name three English universities:
Anneloes goed:
-Newcastle University

4. Name five newspapers of England:
Anneloes goed:
-The Times
-Sunday Times
-The Guardian
-Daily Mirror
-Daily Telegraph

5. What’s the name of the British queen?
Rens fout:
Anneloes goed:
-Elisabeth II

6. What was the name of London before the Romans?
Anneloes fout:
Rens fout:
Ahmet goed:

7. Name a city of England starting with O.
Ahmet fout:
Anneloes goed:

8. How many citizens has London?
Anneloes fout:
-60 000 000
Ahmet goed:
-58 550 000

9. What’s the address of Tony Blair?
Ahmet fout:
-Buckingham Palace
Anneloes goed:
-Dowing Street 10

10. We throw three dices. After one throw, we have three sixes. How big is that chance?
Anneloes goed:
-One to two hundred and sixteen

H: and the current score is…
Anna: 12
James: 6
Chris: 2

We’ll move on to the next round. We’re going to play hints!

A: Hints?

Ah: Hints?

R: Hints?

H: Hints! You know! I’m going to depict something and you’ll have to guess what I’m depicting. Clear?

A + Ah + R: Ok.
H: Let’s start!

Hilde beeldt uit en de kandidaten raden.
1. To kill (pakt revolver en schiet)= Rens fout (zegt: to shoot!); Ahmet goed.
2. To ski = Rens goed.
3. To pose = Anneloes goed.
4. To daydream = Rens fout (zegt: to think). Ahmet goed.
5. Pocketpicking = Ahmet fout (zegt: to steal) Anneloes goed.
6. To write = Ahmet goed.

H: That went pretty well! After this round the score is:
Anna: 18
James: 10
Chris: 4

Now we’ll take a short break. See you after the commercials. Bye.

Great, we’ve got that on tape!

A: Does the scenery have to be changed?

H: Yes, it does. Ehm. Hey, you guys over there! Could you give us a hand please?

Ah + R: Oh right, we’re coming!

A: They won’t be very helpful. Let ME help you!

A + H veranderen het decor.
Ah + R staan vooraan te roddelen

Ah: She’s too much in advance of us!

R: So what?

Ah: So we can never win this game!

R: And…?

Ah: We have to stop her from winning the game!

R: Right! But how are we going to do that?

Ah: Can’t you understand ANYTHING? We have to put her down, to get rid of her! I’ve got an idea!

Ze gaan fluisteren.

H: We’ll start in 10 seconds!

Iedereen gaat klaarstaan.

H: Five, four, three, two, one and action!
Welcome back to Phoebedebe-show! With Anna as the leader we’ll play the third round: Dancing!
The first will be Chris with…

Rens danst.

H: That was excellent!

H: Now it’s James’ turn.

Ahmet danst.

H: All right. Last but not least: Anna!

Anneloes danst. Rens + Ahmet kijken elkaar aan en Rens tekkelt Anneloes. Ze valt.

H: Ow, what a shame! I hope you understand that I can’t give you many points for this.

The draw:
Anna gets three points, James eight and Chris deserves six points!
After the beautiful work of these candidates, the total score is:
Anna: 21
James: 18
Chris: 10

H: As you all can see; it’s going to be very exciting. James is starting to overtake Anna. Will he make it? Let’s continue with the fourth round.
James would you like to begin?

Ah: No let Anna start please, if it’s ok with her.

A: Huh? Ow yes it’s ok.

H: here’s Anna with love music ‘n sun.

A playbackt en ah+r gaan kletsen om a af te leiden. A verknalt het.

H: ow my god, it looks like Anna is going to lose some point here. Let’s watch James now.

Ah playbackt super goed.

H: that was amazing! Much better than Anna. Let see if Chris can do that as well.

R playbackt raar.

H: hmm very….different.
Right let’s go on with the next round.

R: and what about the scores?

H: ow, yes of course. Sorry Anna but you’ve really screwed up. I’ve given you 4 points.
James, you were just perfect! 10 POINTS!
And Chris, right, it was really original. 5 points for you.
And together that makes:
James is leading with 28 points.
Anna just behind him with 25 points
And at the third place Chris with 15 points.
Let’s go on with the final round: acting. This round Anna and Chris will act together. Let’s start with them.

A: ow Romeo!
R: hey Julia honey what’s up?
A: I,I,I’m fine thank you?!
R: how about going to a movie tonight and after that we can go over to my place.
A: your place? After the movie?
I don’t get it? we’d planned to play Romeo and Julia didn’t we?
R: we are playing Romeo and Julia, haven’t you noticed?
A: I think we’d better stop this?!
R: but I love you!
A: I love you too but…. Jezus! I don’t feel like acting anymore.

H: ok that’s enough. Chris you’re a natural! In contradistinction to Anna. Yes, Anna, too bad you forgot you’re lines.

A: but…..I…..he…..
H: never mind. Here’s James.

Ah: Julia, no! You can’t die! Don’t leave me Julia, please. I can’t live without you!
Julia I love you with all my heart.
Hij steekt een mes in zich kreunt en gaat dood.

H: All right. You did a great job, again! It’s worth at least 8 points.
Chris you’ll receive 4. And Anna, sorry only 3 points.
That means we have a winner. Congratulations James! You won our first show!
Here’s you’re price: 200 pounds. What are you going to do with all this money?

Ah: well actually, I have a confession to make… I cheated. Anna actually won, I’m so sorry!

H: ow ok! That means Anna wins. Congratulations Anna!

A: ow thank you so much! I never expected this to happen! And you.. You jerk!!

A slaat Ah.

H: ow please… calm down! Ladies and gentleman this was the pheebediebee show. Thanks for watching. See you next time next show. And cut!
That’s on tape!

Ah: right, I’m going. Have a nice day.

A: I’m leaving too.

R: me too! Thanks, bye.

Ze lopen weg.

H: all right people, let’s go home. See you next week.